WordPress plugin

  With the plugin, you can easily add your real-time availability calendar you your WordPress-powered website, either inline in the page content area or as a widget on any of your sidebars.

  This plugin is NOT a standalone booking application, it just creates proper IFRAME code in your WordPress website to display a booking calendar form palts.com booking software!

Installation steps

As a precondition, you will need to sign up and insert some bookings, or you don’t have a calendar to show, right?

  1.   Download plugin from WordPress, unzip it to your web server directory: wp-content/plugins – you will probably need ftp for that.
  2.   Log in to your wordpress admin page, find Plugins.
  3.   Make sure the palts.com plugin is installed and activated.
  BTW, this plugin keeps your WP database clean, it does not create any new data tables.

Add availability calendar to your website

First of all, go to your hotel settings page and make note of the room type ID you would like to show in the calendar. It’s just a number you’ll need in the next steps.

Embed a calendar in page content area

  • In any page content, just type the following anywhere in your page:
    [palts-calendar roomtype="1234"]
    of course, you will need to replace roomtype value with your own.
  • Besides the required argument of roomtype, you can use the following arguments:
    • servicelist=”1″ shows the dropdown for choosing other room types
    • locale=”en_GB” changes the language
    • height=”200″ changes the calendar height in pixels.
    • style=”float:right;” gives you the option to format the calendar wrapper HTML element
    • hide=”1″ just hides the calendar, so you don’t need to delete the code.
    • credits=”1″ adds a link to our website. Please consider using it.

Widget on a Sidebar

Find it in WordPress admin page in Widgets section and drag it to any sidebar. You MUST specify the room type ID.

You can also specify sidebar calendar title, height, language.

How can you thank us?

Please put a link to palts.com in your website. Anywhere.