Availabilities module

  • Separate availability calendar for each room or room type and¬†availability calendar for booking all rooms at a time.
  • You can either define room types “We have 3 double rooms and 4 singles” or you can define all rooms one by one, so that a guest could make a booking for a specific room.
  • E-mail remionders of expiring bookings
  • Unconfirmed bookings: visitors can can see which bookings are not confirmed to check same dates again after unconfirmed booking expires.
  • One booking can consist of multiple “legs”: multiple room types at different dates, etc.
  • Print the bookings list, with possibility of hiding columns.
  • Calendar can be embedded into https website.

General features

  • Multi-user. You can give access to other users and limit their permissions (only view bookings; edit and enter bookings but not confirm, etc.)
  • Login system is based on Facebook accounts. No need to remember any passwords.
  • SSL-secured. No eavesdropping.
  • Daily remote backup of data.

Please take note that we consider this software to be in “beta stage”. So, keep down your expectations.